With experience since 1969 in the underground utilities market, Cuz Concrete has learned that service and quality are the two major factors in keeping customer’s happy. Whether it is a backyard drainage problem or a 300-room hotel project, we have the staff and expertize to handle both. From our experienced sales staff to our custom fabrication shop, we make sure your job goes smoothly from start to finish.



Cuz Concrete Products, Inc. was co-founded in 1969 by Glen Zachry and two of his cousins – hence the name “Cuz”. By 1979 the cousins moved on and Glen became sole owner. Originally Glen supplied Snohomish County with septic tanks after he purchased one truck, a hydraulic crane, and three septic tank forms. The first production started in a barn after Glen purchased one truck, a hydraulic crane, and three septic tank forms. In 1975, the growing company moved to its present 10-acre location near Arlington Airport. By 1976, Cuz Concrete was selling over 3000-septic tanks a year, and the company decided to expand into the pipe and pumps to complement the tank sales. It was then that Glen’s wife, Eilene, left her job with a CPA firm and assumed the accounting/financial responsibilities of the company.

Through Glen’s long-range vision and hands-on philosophy, he has expanded the company to include three divisions; Cuz Concrete Products, producing not only septic tanks but also manholes, catch basins and utility vaults along with many specialized products, Cuz Septic Service, well known in Snohomish County as a leader in septic tank pumping, factoring, and jetting services, and T & E Repair started in 1984 to provide diesel engine repair, all types of truck repair, welding, fabrication, and emergency road service. T & E Repair does all the servicing and repair of Cuz Concrete trucks and equipment as well as servicing customers. Between the three aspects of the business Cuz currently, has approximately 70 employees.

Glen and Eilene worked together for 36 years to build Cuz Concrete Products, Inc. into the company that is today. It is a highly respected, family-owned business that has its roots in the local community. In April 2005, they sold their interest in the business to their youngest son Wayne Zachry, who has been with Cuz Concrete since 1971, and Wayne’s two oldest sons Aaron and Brandon Zachry, who have been with Cuz Concrete since 1984 and 1990 respectively. Glen and Eilene’s contributions and influence will continue to be reflected in the way the company is run by Wayne, Aaron, and Brandon.

Our Mission Statement:

“To grow, with integrity, as an industry leader and provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in which our employees will prosper as they strive to provide quality products and services to our customers.”